Guitars, stringed instruments, drums, electric instruments. If I can’t do it, I know someone in the bay area who can. Bring it by for a free estimate. That’s right, Bring!

Examples of quick work: Changing strings, tuning, cleaning your guitar, fret polishes, storing your guitar, noisy jacks, noisy switches estimates. You’ll be on your way quickly, and won’t even have to leave your guitar here.

Adjustments: Action is the biggest one. If you’ve just bought a new guitar, or picked up your old one, chances are it should be looked at. SFGT can make it better.

Repairs/Mods: New nut or saddle, truss rod, fret jobs, new pickups, different wiring, coil taps, scratches and dings, broken headstock, rattles, bangs, pops and buzzes. Lets work on it together so you can get back to making music. If you want me to install an analog delay into the control cavity of your Fender strat, I’ll do that too.

Rates: My shop rate is a sliding scale hourly rate depending upon job difficulty, usually starting at 60/Hr, plus cost of expendables and parts. The most common tune-ups take under an hour, and I’ll be happy to explain to you what’s going on so you can diagnose in the future.

Pickups/Dropoffs: It’s like Uber for repairs, for an small extra fee I’ll come to you to do a remote estimate, and if there’s work to be done, I’ll fix it and bring it back to you, however odd it may be to give one of your precious belongings to a stranger.

Emergencies: If it’s an emergency, I can pack my go-bag and motor to you quickly.