My name is Jeremy. I have been obsessed with musical instruments for most of my life, and decided to start SFGuitarTech as an extension of that obsession. I’ve played and studied Guitar for 15 years, also drums, bass, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele for many years too. I’ll sit for hours with any instrument you give me, so feel free bring it if it’s weird. My mind is musical, but jeremyvsguitar it’s also analytical, and I’d like SFGT to be a reasonable middle ground for both of them. I like to build things, take things apart, modify things. I got a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Arts so I could learn how to design and make things, and after graduation started working as a Luthier at a guitar company. I spent 5 years working my way to head of production at a small San Francisco guitar company, doing a lot of learning along the way that developed into my desire to start SFGT.

I’ve lived in San Francisco since 2004, and I run SFGT out of my garage right at the border of San Francisco and Daly City. I have a black cat named Books, and a White cat named Pages. I own somewhere between 30-70 musical instruments (stopped counting after awhile), and like long walks on the beach.