Finger Block: (Guitarist Stream of Consciousness)

When all else fails, write about how you haven’t written in awhile.

So here I am. I see the pages of my website and want to publish a Wikipedia of myself, a WikiMEdia (I realize that word exists for actual purposes, not just wordplay).

I’ve been listening to Culture Clash by the Aristocrats. It’s the kind of music I need a therapist to process. It’s got such mind-bending musicianship on it, that I need to take time off from playing to process if I should ever touch the damned guitar again. I always come back inspired, but those two days of wondering if I know enough music theory or exercise my hands enough seems to slow me down. It’s like musical depression. Woe is me, I can’t play a 7/8 beat over a 5/4.


These are not real problems.

Triangle_instrumentThanks music, for allowing me to make a crisis out of not being able to do a poly-rhythm.

Do triangle players have this problem?

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