Welcome to the Guitarist blog.

This is the blog of the normal guitarist out there.

I am the guy who goes to the guitar store and plays different guitars for hours, i’m the guy who looks for all the information about guitars he can get, and i’m the guy who wants a big house with a room just for guitars. I know i’m not alone, and I decided to be a voice. There are millions of people just like me who save every dime they get so they can some day own their ideal instrument and then some. But in the mean time, i’m one of the many guitarists who spends hours in the guitar stores and irritate the hell out of the owners for not buying anything, but getting their fingerprints on everything.

Being one of these guys, i’ve had lots of time with lots of different guitars. I intend to review them honestly so the guitar player willing to drop 500+ dollars on a piece of wood, plastic and metal knows what they’re getting into. I will review guitars, amps, pedals, and miscellaneous gear. Obviously there will be a little aire of personal preference, but it is absolutely impossible to be honest without hints of it.

Being a guitar player, I have aspirations as a guitar player, and have spent a large amount of my playing time trying to find the guitarists who I like. I will do tributes to the guitar players and will also do tributes to their guitars. Those who have had such an impact on me deserve the returned favor of respect and adoration.
I may occasionally do album reviews if they really catch my fancy as a guitarists, so we’ll see how that pans out.

I hope that anyone who reads this finds something useful. From the expert luthier to the aspiring guitar player, I hope to bring something new to every possible reader interested in guitar.


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  1. I’m a huge fan of the guitar and I’m looking forward to seeing you develop your blog. Its always good to have the opinion of someone removed from the guitar magazine world…

    Best of luck!

  2. sinister1

    nice site mate heaps of info but no dobro or national

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